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Preparing Your House to Sell

Step 1: Prepare Yourself Emotionally and Mentally

Selling your home can be an emotional experience. You have spent many years in your home, raising childeren perhaps and making memories. You have invested hard earned money into your home and are accustomed to every unique characteristic. When it comes to selling, it is important to seperate yourelf from the emotional attachments you may have with your home. It is purely a business transaction, and you must realize this.

Step 2: Create Good First Impressions

You are selling your whole property, not just your house. For example, a property in the country includes everything starting from the road, extending through the backyard, frontyard, woods and creeks. A condo would include everything from patio’s, to parking spaces. So, start with the aesthetic appeal. Trim overgrown bushes, plant yellow flowers (they invoke a buying emotion), stage outdoor furniture on your deck or patio, you can even repaint the front door. Be sure to wash your windows inside and out, pressure wash walkways, decks and garage doors. Make sure that the house or emergency numbers are clearly visible. Do everything to make your house look better at first glance.

Step 3: Have a Welcoming Interior

Remove any furniture blocking walkways that may impede movement around the house. However, make sure to leave enough furniture to showcase a rooms design with plenty of room. Remove excess coats, jackets, boots, and shoes to show the spaciousness of closets. Be sure to air out or get rid of any musty or old smells that may be lingering in the house. Clean up CD’s, DVD’s, and game consoles lying around the television room, put away cell phones, and make sure cords aren’t lying tangled and looking chaotic. Clear all the kitchen counters.

You can also discuss any likely rennovations with your realltor Greg Syrota who will be able to offer good insight to increase the homes value. Once you have done everything possible to prepare your home for marketing photos and showings, step back and have another look. Put yourself in the buyers shoes and give a sharp assessment of your own home.

Step 4: Get the Word Out !

Once the property is ready, your realtor Greg Syrota will execute the marketing plan. You can also do some informal promotion of your own. Simply let your family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues know that your home is up for sale.

Step 5: Always Be Ready for Showings

Always keep the house tidy. Vacuum, dust, mop, clean bathrooms, kitchen etc.

Some things to remember to do before a showing that are often missed. Empty your garbage cans, load the dishwasher but don’t run it during the showing, leave the lights on and open all the blinds as a dark and gloomy home often looks smaller.

With Greg Syrota, selling your home does not need to be a stressful experience. With the right mindset and a little preperation, you can sell your house in no time.

Greg Syrota’s Top 42 Pre-Listing Check List

As I see many homes for sale in the Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Wasaga Beach area, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. So a small investment in time and money can give your home the advantage over competing homes. Here are some suggestions before you list your home for sale.

Well Maintained

1. Repair leaky taps and toilets
2. Clean furnace and humidifier
3. Tighten door knobs and cupboard knobs
4. Repair cracked plaster
5. Touch up chipped paint
6. Clean and repair windows and sills
7. Repair seals around tub and basins
8. Replace burned out light bulbs
9. Oil squeaking doors
10. Cleanliness
11. Clean and freshen bathrooms
12. Clean refrigerator, stove and counter tops
13. Clean furnace exterior
14. Clean washer and dryer and laundry tub
15. Clean carpets

When the Doors open

16. Clean and tidy the porch and foyer
17. Does the doorbell work?
18. Is the door hardware in good shape?
19. Is air fresh?
20. Pot-Pourri, coffee brewing, fresh baked goods etc.


21. Repaint the entrance doors and garage doors
22. Repaint and redecorate the most dated rooms or areas
23. Install new or refinished flooring if beneficial

Curb Appeal

24. Cut lawns
25. Trim hedges and shrubs
26. Weed and edge gardens
27. Pick up litter
28 Clean drive & walk way of snow leaves
29. Repair soffits and eavestroughs
30. Clean out garage

Create Buying Mood

31. Arrange to be absent during showings
32. Turn on lights
33. Turn on air conditioning
34. Light fireplace open drapes in the daytime
35. Play quiet music in the background

Lots of Space

36. Clear halls and stairs of clutter
37. Store surplus furniture
38. Clear kitchen counters and stove
39. Make closets neat and tidy


40. Mortgage Verification
41. Survey
42. Floor Plans

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