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Selling your home with Greg Syrota means you are a Suite Envy premier client and as such receive our special White Glove services. The process begins with a full home pre-sale inspection that will highlight areas where additional attention may be required to have your home be fully Sale-Ready. You will receive a full report as a reference that will help you get your home ready to be marketed.

Staging services and rentals are offered at our premier client pricing of 20% off our standard rates. We will also increase your market exposure through our own advertising channels. Finally, we will work with you through every step of the process including being available prior to booked showings and open houses to ensure your home is truly showing off its best assets. Our team can help you plan, prep, and pack and then ensure your home is prepared for the selling process. 

Real Estate Styling – Staging – was first introduced to the Real Estate industry in 1985 and has grown in popularity since. Today, a styled home has become a prerequisite for most buyers as a top criterion for them is a no-fuss home. Even in a hot sellers market, statistics show that Staging helps sell a home more quickly and for higher prices than a home that is not styled to appeal to the widest possible buying audience.

Benefits of Staging a Home

  1. Helps ensure Sellers receive the highest possible price for their home
  2. Allows Buyers to easily develop an emotional attachment to a home and increase their desire to own it
  3. Addresses concerns Buyers may have about the home which could lead to a lower offer price

The #1 goal of selling your home is to get the highest possible offer price and as much equity from the sale.

The #1 goal of buying a home is to purchase it for the best possible price.

Staging brings these two things together.

Suite Envy is a real estate styling company working predominantly in Collingwood and Muskoka. We specialize in helping homeowners maximize the equity in their homes, cottages, and chalets. Being sale ready involves much more than being decluttered, clean or even having lovely interior design. There is a psychology to the buying process and at Suite Envy we apply those principles to each space to ensure the stage is set for your home to sell as quickly as possible for the best possible price. We are the science behind the sale.

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