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6 Reasons to List Your Home in Winter

Posted by Admin on February 22, 2017

The winter months can be a great time to get your property listed for sale as there are some clear benefits you may be able to take advantage of.  


You’re More Likely To Get Motivated Buyers

Anyone who braves bad winter weather to view a property is serious about buying and will probably do so sooner rather than later.  Only quality buyers will be looking at this time of year.  They’re motivated regardless of the season and are much less likely to cause you to clear out for showings that go nowhere.  These are serious buyers who may be on a tight timeline and see it as beneficial to themselves that less people are out house hunting.  You can help them and in turn help yourself, by being as flexible and accommodating as possible with showing requests.


Fewer Competitive Listings

Sellers often take their home off the market during the holiday season and may not re-list until the snow has melted.  At this time of year there is traditionally a shortage of properties available for sale…why not make that work for you?  It’s a case of supply and demand; reduced inventory means more buyers will be checking out your home, whether online or in person.  Wouldn’t you prefer to be one of 2 or 3 places that a buyer is looking at rather than one of 12 or 13?  Fewer listings means the odds are in your favour that a buyer who looks at a handful of properties will decide that yours is the one they want to buy.  You can give them a nudge in the right direction by ensuring that your home is priced properly and is ready for showings on a moment’s notice.


Better Sale Price

As previously stated, fewer available properties means your home will get more attention from serious buyers.  Because these buyers are often keen to make a deal, it is statistically proven that homes sold during the winter months tend to sell more quickly and at closer to asking price than those sold during warm weather…again, the rules of supply and demand can work in your favour.  The key element here is asking price.  The winter market is not the time to float an inflated asking price to see if you get a bite.  Properties must be priced accurately if you want the best results.


Smoother Transactions

Since fewer people are moving during the winter months, there’s less activity at related services such as mortgage lenders, lawyers, home inspectors, etc.  It’s likely that even your realtor will have a lighter workload as s/he will probably have fewer listings on the go than during the warm weather.  That means that these professionals will have more time for you and your transaction and might be able to get things completed in a shorter time frame, more efficiently and with fewer snags than during the busier times of the year when they’re juggling many deals all at once.  Who wouldn’t want their sale/purchase completed as quickly and smoothly as possible?  It’s a great result of selling during a market lull.


It Gives You An Edge When You’re Buying

If you’re going to be buying a new home, you want your purchase to go as smoothly as your sale.  Most of us have to sell one home before we’re able to buy another and it can be quite stressful to have to locate a new home and negotiate that purchase at the same time that you’re trying to sell the house you’re currently in.  Listing and selling your home during the winter months will put you in a better position as a buyer because any purchase you decide to make (likely during the spring) won’t be contingent on the sale of your current home.  That means any offer you make will require fewer conditions, which puts you in a much stronger bargaining position when the time comes to negotiate.


Your Home Is Already Prepped To Make A Good Impression

During the winter months, around the holidays in particular, our homes take on an extra cozy and welcoming air.  It might be extra blankets draped over the furniture, a few candles burning on a side table, the crackling fire or the fact that the house was spruced up so you’d be prepared for the friends and family who are more likely to drop in at this time of year for a visit…all of these things mean your home is all set to make a good impression on potential buyers.  If buyers get a warm and friendly vibe when they walk in your front door it can evoke an emotional response, making them more likely to consider making you an offer.  That kind of homey atmosphere is easy to create at this time of year.  Make it work for you!


You face less competition, could get a better sale price with less stress, waste less time and could see a real benefit when buying your own new home…WHY would you NOT sell your house during the winter?  Don’t wait for the beginning of the spring market, get your property listed now and put these advantages to work for you!

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